Precision Sports is a Training Program located in the West Valley for ages 8 years old and up.   Established in 2010, Precision Sports Training quickly became one of the best training programs in the Valley.  The vision of Precision Sports is to show athletes the hard work it takes to reach their individual athletic goals.  Whether you are trying to make a club team, Junior High Team, the freshman, JV, or Varsity teams, earn a college scholarship, or just get in shape; we are here to help.  We have experienced trainers all with college playing or coaching experience.

We are different from other training programs.  We do not just work on skills.  We work on getting your body right so that you are able to excel.  We combine weight room work with court/field work.   Teaching skill is the easiest part for us.  What sets us aside is we combine that with helping you become more flexible, stronger, quicker, more explosive, jump higher, and more agile.  We have completely transformed the body of many of our satisfied athletes.   Athletes that attend our program WILL GET BETTER and become a more confident athlete and WE GUARANTEE IT!

We specialize in training in Basketball and Football but we train athletes in all sports.  We also train regular everyday citizens just looking to get into shape.  Besides our sports specific training, we offer speed/agility and strength training to everybody and all sports.  We work with volleyball players, soccer players, wrestlers, Muay Thai, lacrosse players, swimmers, baseball/softball players.  Whatever you want to get better in we can help you.!  Our main and most important goal is to make YOU better.



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